$ 145.00

Sloane Shavel

Virtual Reiki Session or Healing Meditation Experience

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that uses the form of channeling energy to help the healing process of one's body. It helps to open up the chakra energy and emotional body systems in the client to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki Treatment opens and clears blocked energy, aligns the chakras, calms the nervous system, and is meant to leave the client in a state of peace & tranquility. During this time many people are experiencing challenges in emotional stability, high anxiety, stress, feelings of loneliness, and fear more than normal. 

This session can be a regular Reiki healing session or a Reiki Meditation Experience which is a beautiful deep mediation that is aligned with the Holy Fire Reiki energy that clears and heals in the deep subconscious level. Depending on what the body is in need of at the beginning of the session is best practice for this. 

Reiki/ Energy work can be done virtually at a distance so these sessions are being offered via Facetime or Zoom. 

What Reiki addresses

    • Clears and balances the body's energy 
    • Raises your vibrational frequency
    • Experience a deep feeling of calm and balance
    • Decrease stress and anxiety 
    • Brings the body into a state of feeling lighter
    • Opens up the mind in expansive thought ability 

Reiki is a very expansive modality and can aid the body in innumerable ways. 

** Please note there is a 24hr. cancellation policy ~ if the appointment is cancelled after the 24 hrs. the client will be responsible for 1/2 the session cost.