Manifestation Clearing Session
$ 222.00

Sloane Shavel

Manifestation Clearing Session

Do you have a Vision, Dream Or Goal that you are looking to accomplish or manifest, however, you are not feeling completely aligned with it or you have been working towards it and find you have constant resistance or roadblocks coming up.

This Manifestation clear is a great clear for people who are stepping into the Entrepreneurial space or maybe are in a space that they and looking to level up with a new vision or dream. 

When we are working towards a goal, dream or vision, we need to be energetically aligned with it. This means we can see the vision, want the vision, however part of us in our bodies system is not fully in agreement with it, and unconsciously through our energy creates blocks.

This clearing session supports in clearing your energy field, it opens up each of your chakras by clearing the emotional blocks, limiting thoughts laying deep beneath the surface. You will be supported in resetting the body to fully align with the vision, dream or goal. It truly is a game changer and you will see positive results set in quickly. 

This session is 1.5hours and can be done via Zoom as there is no hands on body work required for it. 

I highly recommend this for whatever you are wanting to manifest as mind, body, energy alignment is what is truly needed for calling in whatever you desire. 


NOTE: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all services.