$ 350.00

Sloane Shavel

Professional Journey Process - Level 1

This offering is the beginning step for the Executive Professional  who feels burned out, unable truly balance work/personal life, feels stagnated, unsettled, and unable to quiet their overloaded mind. 

My Corporate Wellness platform features Reiki/Energy work to optimize creativity by shifting your emotional body into alignment with our work goals and life challenges. 

A customized protocol uses a layering of energy clearing, grounding, emotional tapping, and karmic pattern work to root out entrenched patterns of ineffective behaviors, that limit your worth in the corporate world. You will experience an up-leveling, gaining clarity in knowing what you want to accomplish and how to align with it. 


This Package Includes: 

1- 1.5hr. Energy/Reiki session 

1 - 1hr. - Energy Session 

1- 1.5 hr. Chakra Clearing Session with Energy work 

1- Custom essential oil blend to assist with the work being addressed or for settling the mind or body. 

Informative information, books to read, meditations, and rituals to be done for integration will be given if needed. 

Please note these sessions need to be done weekly to get the best results with the energy work. 

**A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to not lose any session. 

**This package is for in person sessions, if you are wanting to do the sessions virtually it can be arranged.