Align Me Oil Blend
$ 42.50

Sloane Shavel

Align Me Oil Blend

Sankalpas - Is a tool meant to harness ones will and focus along with harmonizing mind & body. San refers to the connection with the highest truth and Kalpa is a vow-rule to be followed above all other rules. Your sankalpas / Intention is designed to change the direction of your life for the better planting positive seeds for healthy new habits. 

The Align Me blend was created to help those who are going through or have been through some type of trauma or other deep emotional & physical challenges. It is a blend which uses two very high frequency oils, Frankincense and Melissa oil. These two holy oils have been used for centuries and are both known for assisting issues  around emotional and physical trauma. 

This blend also includes Lemon oil, Geranium oil, Black Spruce oil, Cypress oil and Cinnamon Leaf. They aid in supporting the adrenal glands, balancing emotional glands,exhaustion, harmonizes the blood,induces calming effects on the bodies system, and much more. Essential oils raise the frequency vibration in the body and many resonate higher then our bodies natural frequency, especially after it has been through challenging issues. 

The intention with this blend is to put the body at ease and to move it off the path of dis-ease.  

Mantra to be used with this blend will be sent with the blend. 

This blend it made with organic oils and is reiki energized.

My wish is that is brings light to your mind & spirit.