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Sloane Shavel

Annual Subscription

This Annual Subscription is for those who want to keep their energy frequency elevated and keep the expansion in self evolvement going. 

It is designed to serve as a weekly testament to your mindfulness and self-care ritual that is important with the times we are in.  The journey has a beginning but growth is what the soul is here for and so it's always needed. This package allows for a year commitment and affordability to continue the work and maintain your energy levels, tranquility, and stay centered in yourself.   

We will work in a progression with each session layering techniques that will bring your mind and body to a new plane with the world around you. As every thing is at a vibrational frequency, we must work in the energy body to align with what we are looking to create.  This work will deepen in expanding and clearing to emphasize your life path and purpose.

These Reiki / Energy sessions will be realigning your core energy and working with centering you into your knowing.

It will blend multiple techniques like karmic patterns, emotional tapping, and grounding work, along with other techniques that may be needed. This package includes 52 - sessions, each 1.5 hours and are scheduled weekly in advance to provide a thoughtful plan to achieve your needs and goals. This is a 12 month program and will include 5 custom essential oil blends and essence blends to assist with this work. The client also receives check-in and access to Sloane as set at the beginning of the program.