Personal Energy Work

I have been doing distance work with Sloane...

Doing reiki work with Sloane has been very helpful and beneficial for me. It has helped both in terms of improving my physical and spiritual health, along with helping to improve my sense of self worth. This all has allowed me to be open to getting a new better paying full time job, which I haven't had in many years following an illness. I have been doing distance work with Sloane through video chatting due to the coronavirus outbreak restrictions and she has still helped me immensely. I definitely plan on continuing to keep improving everything around me by doing more sessions with her going forward. I always feel a deep sense of calm and peace afterwards and Sloane has helped me by giving wise and insightful advise in terms of the deep cause behind my illness and advice towards my job situation. I am eternally grateful for her work, advice and kind words. 

Alexander ~ Bronx, NY 

I Am More Relaxed ...

I Love Sloane. I have had many reiki sessions with her and truly have been feeling the benefits of them. I am more relaxed and feel more like myself than I have in a long time. I have met new people that are bringing new and happy experiences to me. My business has improved. I will continue using her and have referred most of my family members to her as clients as well. 

Kathy ~ Totowa,NJ

I Was Able To Release What No Longer Was Good For Me...

In 2018 I went thru some very traumatic life events. The beginning of a divorce process then suddenly the death of my to be ex-husband. Thru working with Sloane and wearing her Reiki energized bracelets and using the life tools she teaches in her sessions.  I was able to release what no longer was good for me, process and deal with this very sad & stressful situation in personal life and other issues in my professional life. 

The tools that I have now have, have brought me more into my center and power  bringing in a calmness and ability to manifest things that I want. Most of all if has given me a sense of peace and gratitude.
Meryl Baurmash, DDS ~ Bell Mead, NJ 

The Moment I Met Sloane, I Resonated With Her..

Sloane’s energy work is transformative. Her, custom oil blends are blended for each individual for the purpose of raising their vibration and clearing the chakras . Leveling up has never felt so good as with her energetic reiki healing . Sloane, greatly helped me advance in less than a year in developing my hair jewelry brand. The moment I met Sloane, I resonated with her energy and her handmade jewelry. She is a valuable resource energetically and fundamentally in business, cultivating ones higher purpose or success in all areas of their life.

Nicole Cyrese Eventoff ~ Princeton, NJ

My Life Is So Much Better In Every Aspect!

I met Sloane at the darkest moment of my life when all medical doctors basically gave up on me. They had no explanation for my symptoms and no cure after I spent thousands of dollars on the top of my very good insurance. The only thing they could offer was the pain killers and a promise of slow body deterioration.  I was looking for answers in alternative medicine. I had tried homeopathy, acupuncture, Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, drastic diets, supplements. They helped to a certain degree, but eventually the symptoms would come back. 
Lucky for me I saw Sloane’s ad for a workshop she offered. That day was the turning point in my story. I remember she told me ‘Remember, everything is reversible’ and “Your life will change”. It was the message of hope and the light at the end of a very long tunnel. 
It has been a few months journey which Sloane shared every step of the way with me. I felt energized, positive and happy after her sessions. Between the sessions she would always follow up on how I felt physically and emotionally, give advice, teach me techniques on managing every day stresses and my overall well being.  Working with her helped me to change my outlook on life, myself, my relationships and gave me a new perspective. My life is so much better in every aspect! I got my dream job, I am happy to see people again (I was not social while dealing with my symptoms), I communicate my point of view in a kinder and more assertive way, I am not afraid to travel. And seeing me happy is a huge relief for my husband and our children.  
Thank you Sloane! Your compassion and talent led me to my new life! 
Forever grateful,
-Marina, C, PHD. ~ Princeton, NJ

Home Clearing Energy Work 

I Enjoy Being Home!.....
I had been restless in my home for many years. Never felt quite settled, I found it hard to relax, unwind and enjoy my surroundings. My children often complained or felt uncomfortable at night at home. We live in an older Victorian, built around 1874, so it had seen a lot of history. We had renovated it from two apartments back to a single family home, so I assumed that had taken care of any energy issues in the process, as it had been quite thorough. But, something was missing. Sloane performed a clearing which completely changed my home and it's energy. It set me further on a path to complete some basic design changes that we now all thoroughly enjoy. For the first time in years, I enjoy being home. The house has great flow and harmony, all of which I can trace back to Sloane's clearing work. 
Karen K. ~ Lambertville, NJ 


 Business Energy Management