Corporate Wellness Platform

Our Mission

To generate a positive flow of energy, and promote wellness for all employees in a corporate environment. Objectives include fostering a harmonious dynamic, optimizing productivity, aligning structural goals, and delivering positive change for the entire organization.


The current corporate environment, acknowledging that stress is the number one cause of dis-ease, unhappiness, aging and frustration among employees and executives.

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What Is Corporate Energy Management

Corporate Energy Management is a new concept which will revolutionize the way we think of corporate wellness. My goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the vital role energy work plays in bringing about lasting change. It is important to consider the mind, body, and energy field together as a unit, working in harmony to achieve overall wellbeing.

While exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet are all important building blocks for a solid wellness platform, energy must also be addressed as it affects everything from our mood to how we relate to others. Sadly, this crucial component is all too often left out of the equation. For evidence, we need to look no further than Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (E=MC2), which posits that energy and mass are interchangeable. As an example, when our energy is low or in overdrive, we tend to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. In the workplace, some typical symptoms present as stress, fatigue, irritability, burnout, and depression. All these things combined lead to a lack of productivity and poor performance, manifesting in an unhealthy work-life imbalance for the team.

The office environment is also an important factor that often contributes to imbalance and poor output. I must again stress that everything consists of energy – the space in which people spend their workday is no different. Negative energy in the office leads to high absenteeism, a lack of inspired teamwork, arguments and misunderstandings, and a general air of malaise.

 This is where Reiki can make an enormous difference. A Japanese method of energy healing, Reiki aligns with the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in deep relaxation, tranquility and balance. Reiki also decompresses the mind, while optimizing its capacity for more expansive thought. A space can also be cleared of heavy energy, resulting in a lighter, more welcoming ambiance.

There are numerous benefits to energy work (Reiki) which I cannot emphasize strongly enough. When combined with a solid wellness program, focusing not only on the individual but the company as a whole, a productive and results driven culture becomes achievable in the long term.

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Clients whose spaces have been cleaned reported, feeling more uplifted in the space, business increased, the staff moral was more positive and lighter, the space felt as if it was more open and energized.


Cognitive Productivity

Increases creativity and cognitive function, activates the parasympathetic nervous system to effectively increases productivity, patience and tolerance. Reiki helps one to overcome difficulties and cultivates a positive mindset. By enhancing clarity of thought your teams are more alert and it leads to better decision making processes. We recommend executive and team packages for circular intentions.


Neutralize Negative Energy

Our offices have been empty for months, as we return to our office spaces some companies will have a harder time than others to get back into the flow. Cleansing the office space energy can be the difference between hitting quarterly goals, team collaboration, or general company vibrations. Out with the old, in with the new.


Optimize Your Output

The use of Energy Management can leverage up a companies output and production levels by taking care of the inner space and team you will optimize your outcome results in the long run.
The use of Energy Management can leverage up a companies output and production levels by taking care of the inner space and 

How to work with my Corporate Wellness Platform?

I offer packages for reiki/energy work for teams and higher-level VPs in need of decompression to find balanced energy along with optimizing their capacity to be more aligned in themselves. This cultivates and results in stronger productivity outcomes and a more positive energy levels in the work environment.

By clearing the workspaces energetically your employees become more balanced and the environment will become more harmonious.

These are packages to address the office space already structured. However, creating a custom package to address all areas for the company can be done so that everything aligns and syncs with goals and outcome needs to be met.


Level Up Your Business With Sloane

"Sloane is an amazing Reiki practitioner. Energy work is a heavy subject, and not easy to explain, so here it is in a nutshell - if you are a busy, overworked, go-go-go professional, Sloane will help you settle your energy body, balance, ground and become a more effective (and calmer) professional. If you simply want to be the best "you" you can be, Sloane helps you through the energy work and other modalities to do just that. Her results speak for themselves, and I have sent a number of over stressed professionals to Sloane and will continue to do so, for one reason, the shift is amazing and there is amazing results, Period!!"-Matt E., Princeton N.J