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What is Energy Management and what can it bring to your career and life? We have all experienced what it feels like when our energy is low, or high or just on over drive. How does this affect your work life? Are you short of patience, having issues shutting down your mind, feel as if your to do list is never ending and your personal life is now suffering too?

Energy Management also known as Reiki, helps to move and improve the energy flow in your energy body. While it’s hard to describe, the impact has been profound and is different for every individual.

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The current corporate environment, acknowledging that stress is the number one cause of dis-ease, unhappiness, aging and frustration among employees and executives.


“Just as energy can get trapped or stagnate in an individual, energy can also get trapped in the workspace of a company. ”

Just as energy can get trapped or stagnate in an individual, energy can also get trapped in the workspace of a company. This can lead to friction between staff, low energy output of your workers, absentee rate increasing, the over all office feeling is just heavy.

One of my series that is part of the Energy Management is to come in and “clean” your work environment. This process also entails using crystals to pull in specific energy for the space, along with other items that will keep the level of energy flow at a higher frequency. If a client uses the art of Fung Shui for their company space, Energy Management works hand in hand with this modality, as Fung Shui does not clear the energy created by staff and visitors in the space.

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Clients whose spaces have been cleaned reported, feeling more uplifted in the space, business increased, the staff moral was more positive and lighter, the space felt as if it was more open and energized.


Cognitive Productivity

Increases creativity and cognitive function, activates the parasympathetic nervous system to effectively increases productivity, patience and tolerance. Reiki helps one to overcome difficulties and cultivates a positive mindset. By enhancing clarity of thought your teams are more alert and it leads to better decision making processes. We recommend executive and team packages for circular intentions. 


Neutralize Negative Energy

Our offices have been empty for months, as we return to our office spaces some companies will have a harder time than others to get back into the flow. Cleansing the office space energy can be the difference between hitting quarterly goals, team collaboration, or general company vibrations. Out with the old, in with the new.


Optimize Your Output

The use of Energy Management can leverage up a companies output and production levels by taking care of the inner space and team you will optimize your outcome results in the long run.

Business Energy Management

Level Up Your Business With Sloane

"Sloane is an amazing Reiki practitioner. Energy work is a heavy subject, and not easy to explain, so here it is in a nutshell - if you are a busy, overworked, go-go-go professional, Sloane will help you settle your energy body, balance, ground and become a more effective (and calmer) professional. If you simply want to be the best "you" you can be, Sloane helps you through the energy work and other modalities to do just that. Her results speak for themselves, and I have sent a number of over stressed professionals to Sloane and will continue to do so, for one reason, the shift is amazing and there is amazing results, Period!!"

-Matt E.,
Princeton N.J


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