About Sloane Shavel




Sloane Shavel has been on a spiritual path for the last 17 years and practiced with many great Master Reiki teachers learning techniques such as EFT, Ho'oponopono, how to work with essential oils and crystals, work along with meditation to enable her to serve others to Elevate, Evolve, and Expand on their life's journey. She incorporates these techniques during what she calls an Energy/Reiki session, which assists clients on their path with more ease, peace, understanding, healing, and balance.  

She has worked with people encountering many different life challenges such as traumatic life changes, issues that they have not been able to heal for years, illnesses such as breast cancer, skin issues, migraines, anxiety, stress, feelings of depression, loss of direction in their lives, healing from surgeries or wanting to expand out of their comfort zone and be more in their power and purpose. 

Her own journey of divorce, loss of a business, deep karmic patterning, and many other challenges has enabled her to be able to hold a sacred, non-judgment space of total comfort and understanding for her clients. She continues to work on herself to clear more ego energy so that her channel for helping her clients is as clear as possible.

Energy/Reiki work connects deeply in the emotional areas and works in the chakra system of the mind, body, and soul. Working in this space, Sloane feels the practitioner must leave their ego out and be a pure channel for source healing energy. 

Sloane is a Holy Fire III Karuna Master/Teacher. She received her certification in Usui Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3. She's certified in Holy Fire II Crystal Reiki levels 1 and 2 and received her Master Shamanic Reiki Certification at the Omega Institute from Llyn Roberts and Stacey Gibbons. 

In 2019, Sloane finished her Usui Master Teacher certification in Usui Reiki, and as of September 2020, she completed the Holy Fire III Karuna Master/Teacher program with Founder William Rand of the International Center For Reiki Training, Sensi of the Holy Fire II, and III Karuna Reiki. 

Sloane's purpose is to connect you to come to a full understanding and acceptance of your life's journey the trials and blessings which help one in self-discovery. Her services and products work with the idea of intentional living in flow with your journey and remind you that love is at the core of everything. They help connect you to a conscious path of spiritual growth to expand deeply with yourself, others, and the universe as a whole.