Sloane has been on a spiritual path for the last 14 years and practiced with many great Master Reiki teachers, learning techniques such as EFT, Ho'oponopono, and essential oils, crystal work and meditation to enable her to serve others on their life journey. She incorporates many techniques during reiki sessions and provide clients progress on their path with more ease, peace and balance.  

Sloane is a Reki Master and jewelry designer based in New York City. She received her certification in Usui Reiki levels 1, 2, 3. She's certified in Fire Crystal Reiki levels 1 & 2, and received her Masters Certification in Shamanic Reiki at the Omega Institute from Llyn Roberts and Stacey Gibbions. 

In 2019, Sloane finished her Master Teacher certification n the Usui Reiki which brings her healing capabilities to the next level of being able to channel and have a stronger connection to source energy. 

Sloane's purpose is to connect you to love through your life's journey of trials, blessings and self-discovery. Her services and products reflect the flow of your journey and remind you that love is at the core of everything. Her designs are inspired by the metaphysical realm, yoga and the natural beauty that surrounds us. A conscious path of spiritual growth to expanding deeply with ourselves, others and the universe as a whole. Be of one.

"Like an affirmation or yoga practice, jewelry emanates a powerful energy when it is infused with a deeper intention. I have created a meaningful collection of services and products with messages of love, strength and healing to inspire, support"- Sloane Shavel


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