Rooting Oil Blend
Rooting Oil Blend
Rooting Oil Blend
$ 35.50

Sloane Shavel

Rooting Oil Blend

Sankalpas - Is a tool meant to harness ones will and focus along with harmonizing mind & body. San refers to the connection with the highest truth and Kalpa is a vow-rule to be followed above all other rules. Your sankalpas / Intention is designed to change the direction of your life for the better planting positive seeds for healthy new habits. 

The Rooting Oil blend was created for those who really can not settle the mind and are not connected or as I say "Rooted" to the earth. This blend works with the Root Chakra and Crown Chakra as it contains Myrrh which is for aiding in the connection of these two chakras. It also contains Vetiver which is used for ADHD children to settle the nervous system and aid in calming the mind for focusing. Cedarwood, Clove,and Cypress oils all are also in this blend making it a very strong blend for grounding and settlement in an over active body. 

This blend is made from organic oils and charged with reiki energy. 

The Mantra/Sankalpas for this blend is: 

"I am grounded and connected to the earth" 

" I am calm and peaceful in my body" 

May this oil blend bring settlement to your mind, body & spirit.