Bliss Oil Blend
Bliss Oil Blend
Bliss Oil Blend
$ 35.00

Sloane Shavel

Bliss Oil Blend

Sankalpas - Is a tool meant to harness ones will and focus along with harmonizing mind & body. San refers to the connection with the highest truth and Kalpa is a vow-rule to be followed above all other rules. Your sankalpas / Intention is designed to change the direction of your life for the better planting positive seeds for healthy new habits. 

The Bliss blend was created to bring that feeling of bliss, tranquility, harmony and self love into your life. It connects with the heart chakra and contains a beautiful blend of essential oils to settle the mind, the nervous system, calm the spirit, connect with love for oneself and ground you into your body. 

This blend includes Lemon oil, Geranium oil, Cypress oil, Basil, lavender and Ylang Ylang. These oils are to help calm the heart-chi, balance the sympathetic and autonomic nervous system,purify and cleanse the mind, body & spirit. They will also help settle anxiety & fear and promote love and balance the chakras along with inducing a calming effect on the bodies system, and much more. Essential oils raise the frequency vibration in the body and many resonate higher then our bodies natural frequency. If you are looking for a blend to cover the basic bases this is your blend. Please note, that if you have any floral allergies this blend may not be for you, check out the custom blend offer. 

The Mantra / Sankalpas to use with this blend is: 

" I am blissful" 

" I am peaceful & balanced" 

" I love Myself" 

This blend it made with organic oils and is reiki energized.

My wish is that is brings healing and light to your body, mind & spirit.