$ 471.00

Sloane Shavel

Elevate - Personal Package

The Personal Elevate Package is for the person who is looking to level up from where they are on their life path. 

Reiki/Energy work goes deep in the emotional body helping to move and shift the energy in the body to bring you more into alignment.

This is the opening to doing the work that will begin to open you up to elevating yourself, by getting clear on knowing  what it is you are wanting to accomplish and aligning with. It will be a layering of multiple techniques like karmic pattern work, emotional tapping, grounding work and whatever Sloane feels will best facilitate the client's up-leveling. 

The package includes 5 virtual 1.5-hour long along sessions along with a custom essential oil blend and essence blend to assist with the work being done. As with all packages, there is informative material that will be shared, check in after sessions and distance energy given as needed if the client is dealing with dips or emotions from the work being done. Sloane is a very caring energy worker and the client is never left without support.