Evolve + Expand - Professional Package
$ 860.40

Sloane Shavel

Evolve + Expand - Professional Package

The Evolve & Expand Package picks up from where the Elevate Professional Package ended.

This package works deeper with the professional person who is wanting to achieve more beyond the level they are presently at. Someone who wants to optimize the mind, lead, or create from a more expansive area with less frenetic energy. It is also for the entrepreneur and for those looking to work in a more purpose-driven space. 

We will go deeper into clearing the old programs that have helped you arrive where you are at, but now are no longer serving for the next plateau. 

Over a 3 month time period, you will work in a progression of sessions, layering techniques to shed and get clear on your life path and purpose in which Sloane will hold that container energetically to help with this. 

This package includes 14 sessions, each 1.5-hour sessions that are scheduled weekly. As in the Elevate, Sloane blends multiple techniques like karmic patterns work, emotional tapping, grounding work, and other materials that may be needed to aid in this work. 

Evolve & Expand is for a more purpose-driven path, aligning more with this new energy and helping one to really go beyond there present level of success. 

With all packages, there is access to Sloane and check-in, materials that will be added for the program, and energy sent as needed for the client between sessions. 

This package includes two custom essential oil blends and essences to accompany your journey work.