The Story of the JBS Love Knot Collection

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Sloane Shavel, Founder of Jewelry by Sloane shares the meaning of her signature ‘Love Knot’ collection and the story behind its creation.

The Story of the JBS Love Knot Collection

The love knot design resulted from one of the darkest moments in my life and forced me to face the darkest side of another human being. It took eight years for me to fully recover from this experience. There were times when I struggled, unsure of whether or not I would be able to fully emerge from the darkness I was surrounded in. I was unable to express myself through my jewelry and designs until I felt the words "Love Makes The World Go 'Round" call to me, like a message. I decided to share this message with others but needed a symbol that aligned with this. I found this symbol in the Celtic and Buddhist traditions where a knot, representative of no definitive beginning or end, remains woven together as a complete piece and signifies interconnectedness.

Wearing your Love Knot

The Love Knot reminds us of the timeless nature of our spirit and our unity as one in love and life.

Wear The Love Knot to connect you with beauty, the feeling of love and the flow of life or gift it to show your love and connection to someone special.

The Love Knot is a popular gift exchanged between couples, for bridal parties, graduations and other significant life milestones with love at their core.

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